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Custom Acoustic Guitar built for Anchour Studio


Electric Guitar & Bass Repairs, Setups, Mods & Maintenance


At WR Custom Guitars our Electric Guitar Guru Tom Gill provides Electric Guitar & Bass repairs, setups, modding, and maintenance of all kinds. Tom, an accomplished player, has over 25 years of experience in electric setups and repairs.

Services Provided

Expert Evaluation – This is where we start: A Full Bench Test and Evaluation. This allows you to select from an à la cart mix of only the repairs, adjustments, and services you need. Why buy a flat-rate package where half of it you don’t need? How about you just pay for what’s needed?

Setups – Can include nut, truss rod, and intonation adjustment; cleaning and polishing of frets and fretboards; tightening loose hardware, spraying and cleaning of electronics; pickup height adjustment; general cleaning of the instrument as needed.

Action Adjustments – Truss Rod, Nut, Saddle and Radius, String Height, Pickup Height, Intonation, Tighten Loose Tuners and Strap Buttons.

Frets – Clean and Condition Fretboard, Remove Tarnish; Fret Dressing, Polishing, Leveling, and Crowning; Full and Partial Refrets.

Deep Cleaning & Detailing – Deep cleaning and maintenance of hardware such as bridges and tuning machines; Cleaning of extremely dirty instruments or fingerboards, sticker removal, and surface scratch and swirl removal.

Electronics –  Repairs; Pickup Installation; Potentiometers, Jack, and Switch Replacement; Full Rewires and Custom Rewiring; New Wiring Harness; Shielding Control Cavities; Treble Bleed and other electronics mods.

Troubleshooting – Diagnosis of Intermittent Problems, Research and Sourcing of Parts or Schematics, etc.

Other – Restringing; Screw Extraction and Removal/Replacement of Seized or Difficult to Remove Hardware.

We perform our work up to a standard, not down to a price. Fees are based on the amount of time and concern spent on the work, and for our years of experience. Typical turnaround time is 1 week. Rush Service is available at additional cost if needed. We aim for the highest quality service, and quality work takes time.

Strings are not included in the price. We stock several brands and gauges. Everything you see here refers to 6-string electrics and 4- or 5-string Basses. Instruments with more strings than that, or with high performance bridge designs such as Floyd Rose, Evertune, Kahler, Steinberger, or Strandberg may cost more depending on the specific services or repairs required.

There is a minimum bench fee which will be applied to the final balance if the work is performed here.


WR Custom Guitars is now offering a complete line of guitar kits and parts, both serviced and unserviced. This is a wonderful opportunity for both the hobbyist and the experienced builder. Complete kits starting at $375.

CNC Neck Blanks with or without pre-drilled Headstocks & Head Plates • Completed Fingerboards with Side Dots, Markers and Frets, radiused, slotted and tapered • Bridges • Nuts • Saddles • Front & Rear Blocks • Backs & Sides • Sitka Spruce Tops

We have hundreds of guitar parts in stock and ready to go, and can prep parts or kits to your specifications. Call Bill at the shop 207-778-9415 or cell 207-491-9740.

Custom Acoustic Guitars


WR Custom Guitars offers a full line of high-quality custom acoustic guitars featuring powerful, beautifully balanced tone.

In addition to complete custom builds, they’re available in a number of different models, including Dreadnaught, 000 12/14 fret, 00, and OM Cutaways, Acoustic Basses, and 12 strings. There are other models not listed here, including custom body designs.

See the Custom Acoustic Guitars page to check current inventory.

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The Builder’s Workshop


WR Custom Guitars is the home of The Builder’s Workshop, where you can build the acoustic guitar of your dreams.

We guide you through the entire process using the same high-quality materials used in all of our guitars. Builders of all woodworking skill levels are welcome.

You can take the workshop days or evenings on whatever schedule works for you. Stay in local lodging and complete in a week, or come on a preset schedule until your instrument is ready for finishing.

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Guitars Birthed in Worship

My relationship with the Lord is the center of my life and I thank Him for every bit of this adventure of building high end custom acoustic guitars. The phrase “Guitars Birthed in Worship” communicates the heartbeat of the entire operation on so many levels.

After many years of working with my hands in fine woodworking, that, and my love for music finally merged together. I didn’t lay out a million dollar business plan. I just waited on the Lord and watched for His lead, and took the opportunities that came up.

My greatest desire is to build instruments that far surpass production line quality instruments and get them into the hands of fanatical players everywhere from young to old, novice to professional at an affordable level…

WR Custom Guitars can build the guitar you’ve always wanted

…or we can help you build it yourself in The Builder’s Workshop.