Bill Russo • Master Luthier

Custom Acoustic Guitars


WR Custom Guitars offers a full line of high-quality custom acoustic guitars featuring powerful, beautifully balanced tone.

In addition to complete custom builds, they’re available in a number of different models, including Dreadnaught, 000 12/14 fret, 00, and OM Cutaways, Acoustic Basses, and 12 strings. There are other models not listed here, including custom body designs.

See the Custom Acoustic Guitars page to check current inventory.

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The Builder’s Workshop


WR Custom Guitars is the home of The Builder’s Workshop, where you can build the acoustic guitar of your dreams.

We guide you through the entire process using the same high-quality materials used in all of our guitars. Builders of all woodworking skill levels are welcome.

You can take the workshop days or evenings on whatever schedule works for you. Stay in local lodging and complete in a week, or come on a preset schedule until your instrument is ready for finishing.

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Guitars Birthed in Worship

My relationship with the Lord is the center of my life and I thank Him for every bit of this adventure of building high end custom acoustic guitars. The phrase “Guitars Birthed in Worship” communicates the heartbeat of the entire operation on so many levels.

After many years of working with my hands in fine woodworking, that, and my love for music finally merged together. I didn’t lay out a million dollar business plan. I just waited on the Lord and watched for His lead, and took the opportunities that came up.

My greatest desire is to build instruments that far surpass production line quality instruments and get them into the hands of fanatical players everywhere from young to old, novice to professional at an affordable level…

WR Custom Guitars can build the guitar you’ve always wanted

…or we can help you build it yourself in The Builder’s Workshop.