Guitar Repairs

40 Year Old Martin D-18 Top
The Repaired Martin D-18 Top
Tom Dean, the very happy customer

I’m not only building Custom Guitars and offering The Builder’s Workshop, I’m also offering wide variety of guitar repairs, such as bridge resets, crack repairs on top, back, or sides, complete fret jobs, fret dressing, nut and saddle replacement, and more. I also do complete setup work and even replace tops on vintage guitars. See the re-top I did for Tom Dean on his 40 year old Martin D-18. He said it sounds better then when it was new!

Proper setup is a very important component to a great playing guitar. Often guitars come into the shop that have either been set up incorrectly, or have just never been set up at all. Even a new instrument will take a number of years to settle in, so setup may be required.

Proper action at the nut and the 12th fret, along with the correct amount of relief in the neck, makes for a great playing instrument. Many players never realize how great it feels to play a well-setup guitar–especially new players.

The shop is also offering custom guitar molds, radius dishes, and bending shoes for anyone building. I also install preamps and pickups for those folks who need to plug in.

Feel free to call with any questions you may have.

Bill Explaining Removal of the Old Top
Custom Cutaway
Bill Carving Adirondack Spruce Braces