Handcrafted Custom Acoustic Guitars

At WR Custom Guitars building a custom guitar allows the musician to design an instrument that meets all their performance demands as a player, in tone, playability, and appearance.

Body shapes, tonewood options, top choices, and marquetry are all in the hands of the customer. Those who’ve not been through the process can make informed decisions with my help selecting tonewood combinations, top selection, and other details. Building your guitar is an important process which I take seriously. The goal is to craft an instrument that surpasses your expectations at a price point that works for you.

At WR Custom Guitars I want to make sure no one is left out of owning a fine, hand-crafted instrument due to price. The WR Standard Series line meets that requirement without cutting quality. I’m offering two models to choose from: a Dreadnought and a 14 Fret 000, both 25.4 scale. They have a simple level of marquetry which helps to keep the cost down, making these models more affordable.

These guitars are built with the same materials as the more expensive models, using the same East Indian Rosewood back and sides, Sitka Spruce tops, Mahogany necks, high quality hardware, and bone saddles. They’re also built to the same exacting standards as the high-end models–no shortcuts are taken. They offer a great balanced tone and volume. They’re very responsive and play well, and are a great value for both the entry level player, as well as the seasoned professional.

The Player’s Series guitars have solid Sitka Spruce tops that are braced and voiced the same as the high-end guitars. The back and sides are laminated Sapele on a solid mahogany core. They also have a Strataply maple neck. The reason for this line is to achieve durability without compromising playability and tone. Working musicians don’t want to take expensive instrument out on the road. These guitars get the job done. Offered in Dreadnaught and 000 with a preamp at $1,200 or without at $1,000. Also includes a case.

If I can help you in any way, or answer any questions you may have on a custom build, feel free to call.

Thank you for visiting WR Custom Guitars.

~ Bill Russo

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